We are delighted to inform you that the fire which was kindled by Continues Flame last year in Delhi burns strongly. We have completed one year of prayer sessions. During this one year, the Lord answered our prayers, many miracles took place and wonderful things happened.” A recent letter we received from the senior pastor of Delhi Baptist Church.


The Continuous Flame prayer ministry in India


 India will soon be the most populated country in the world. According to statistics done in July 2000 by the Indian government, the population was 1,014,003,817, with 1,58% of growth rate. 

Religions: Hindu 79%, Muslim 15%, Christian 2.4%, Sikh 2%, Buddhist 0.7%, Jains 0.5%, other 0.4%.

Muslims and Christians say this statistics is not correct. Muslims claim to be 20%. Christians say that they are 5.5%.

India is considered one among the least evangelized areas of the world. In the Hindu and Islamic villages, Christians are not allowed to enter or to establish churches. The government is radical Hindu, since radical Hindu party won the elections few years ago, the government began opposing Christians and prohibited any form of evangelism. Missionaries no more are given visas to India. Dr. Amari and his wife applied for a tourist visa. This is how they entered the country.

The prayer conference took place in the city of Delhi. It was attended by 90 representatives of various Christian evangelical churches of North India. The conference lasted five days; prayer sessions at nights lasted until 2:30 AM. One night it lasted till 5 AM.  Messages from the Word of God were ministered by Dr. Amari along with Indian speakers of various Christian Conservative Churches of Delhi and New Delhi.

Dr. Amari gave training on devotional time. He also gave lectures on how to evangelize Muslims and refute Islam. Since Muslims in India are the largest Muslim population in the world after, the need to help the Indian church in this field became a great necessity.

At the end of the conference 4 coordinators were selected to promote prayer and evangelism in their cities. A week of training led by Dr. Amari was performed in the Baptist church of Delhi to train members of the church and others from surrounding churches on daily prayer sessions. The prayer sessions are four and organized as follow: 

1- Early Morning Sessions: 6:00-8:00 AM (a suitable time for employees who must be at work       by 9:00AM).

2- Morning Sessions: 10:30-11:30AM (a suitable time for housewives and retired people).

3- Afternoon Sessions: 4:30-5:30PM (for people who can’t attend the morning sessions).

4- Night Sessions: 10:00PM-2: 30AM (an important session meant for training Christians for night time spiritual warfare.  The night sessions provide an extended time of intercession for closed and restricted countries).

These sessions were attended every day by many members, specially the night sessions which lasted each night till 2:30. Given the persistent participation of the members of the church to the prayer sessions, the pastor accepted to make the sessions as permanent. We receive continuous e-mails from India telling us about the continuing participation of the members of the church in those prayer sessions.

A coordinator, who attended the week training, started four sessions of prayer in his church and in an other church in his area. Other 14 churches in North India followed the example of the Baptist church of Delhi, by starting the four prayer sessions in their churches.

We feel that the prayers of our brothers and sisters in the US were answered. A seed of prayer was planted in India and is still growing involving many churches and Christians who are under oppression of poverty and persecution from the fanatic and radical Hindu government.

The Lord helped us to minister and help many poor members who attended the conference. Some of them are destitute. We are still in correspondence with some of them. Pray that the Lord will help us to continue support and encourage the work there.

Your gift could be of valuable importance to support a coordinator or a needy Christian in India. Please make your gift to: The Continuous Flame, P.O. Box 7505, Prospect Heights, IL 60070


Night prayer session promoted by the Continuous Flame

at the Emanuel Baptist church of Delhi- India.